Seminar & Workshops


While exposing the students to the theories and concepts of modern homeopathic medical trends, no efforts are spared to develop a practical orientation in them. A series of seminars are organized which see students interact with Medi-Corporate who share their experiences and also give a firsthand insight into the world of Homeopathic Medical Science as it stands today.

These seminars are free for all students and needless to say, go a long way in helping one to give direction and structure to his/her career plans. To help you understand the world of Medical Science, our panel of experts has provided an in-depth analysis of the various streams that one might venture into. College has tie-up with various Professionals, Guess Lecturers, and Research Organizations for seminars & workshops.

Though Seminars & Workshops, Students will get knowledge of their profession with experienced faculties & guests. Student gets the chance of group discussions & sharing views, asking doubts, explaining situations, solving puzzles, proving talents, etc. Such events are always encourages the students activity & inner hidden talents.