Smart Library


A Central Library with various books and national and international journals is situated in College Building. In addition separate departmental library with books relating to respective departments. E- library is active with internet & Wi-fi Enabled. The DUPHMC maintains a well stocked library with more than 2000 volumes of text and reference books, periodicals and Daily News papers.

Students have access to lending library, reference library and a vast treasure of current and back volumes of Journals. The access to library has been made easier. The DUPHMC library provides open access system to students & faculty members, which enables them to make optimum utilization of the collection available in the library. For every student, 'Library Cards' are provided for academic performance. The DUPHMC has a well established library which caters to the need of the students, research scholars and the faculty.

Many Research Scholars and Book-Lovers have, over the years, donated a large number of their own personal collections; the Library has become fabulously rich in its collection. The library provides extension services to students, teachers & scholars. The library is blessed with a remarkable collection of dedicated to outstanding national Doctors and Medi-Scientists. In the course of time, with an increasing number of students, the Library felt the need to acquire more space by extending the building. The library has developed an extensive Medical Book Database of some important copies.

The entire first floor of the Library serves as a Reading Hall for Medical students and is spacious enough to comfortably accommodate around 100 students at a time. This is perhaps one of the largest Reading Rooms.