Medical Superintendent

Medical Superintendent's Message

Dear Visitors

DUPHMC This institution is newly in the field of Homoeopathic education but with innovative quality homeopathy education. Dedicated Teaching and Supporting staff have endeavored to maintain the highest standards of education aimed at overall development of the students.

The science of Homoeopathy once again faces a challenge presented to it by the commercialization of the medical field. The anti-propagation of Homoeopathy tends to confuse students desirous of studying this science. Adding to this, are the plentiful misconceptions and half truths, propagated by the ignorant and selfish practitioners and so called authorities of the medical sciences.

The True Seekers of the Healing sciences are hereby encouraged to explore the scope of Homoeopathy with an open and unbiased mind and enter the world of Medicine based on the Natural Laws of healing. Our College offers you this opportunity to serve society. Humbly in the service of Humanity

Thanking You!!!

Medical Superintendent